Outpatient Services

At Garden Care Center we take great pride in the rehabilitation services we provide to our long term residents. The focus of our rehab efforts is not generally on cure, but on making it possible for those in our care to live with optimum comfort, freedom and independence at every stage and in whatever direction their condition may lead.

With that goal in mind, we also extend these same valuable physical, occupational and speech therapy services to people who reside in the community through a comprehensive outpatient program.

Our neighbors, whose physicians have recommended a course of therapy, will be evaluated by our licensed rehabilitation staff and a customized treatment plan, including goals, interventions and time frames, will be developed. We also engage the individual in every aspect of his or her care as our experience has shown that this level of personal involvement greatly enhances the ability to restore and maintain the highest degree of function and independence. It’s a person-centered approach to outpatient rehabilitative care that is holistic, creative, caring, optimistic and one that breeds success.