Prehab Services

Our “Prehab” program enables invdividuals to have scheduled orthopedic surgery with a peace of mind knowing that their rehabilitation plan is already in place and a room is reserved at The Garden Care Center. This allows for a seamless transition and continuity of care once the patient is discharged from the hospital.

“Prehab” prepares them for the challenges of joint replacement surgery and sets the patient up for an easier recovery and an improved functional recovery. It allows the patient to build up their endurance, muscle conditioning and strength before surgery, as well as enhance their post- operative recovery by understanding the therapy routine that they will be involved in post surgery.

Patients tour Garden Care Center prior to surgery, meeting the rehab team, nurses and staff, and also meet with therapists after the surgery prior to being transfered. Once the patient comes to our facitity, they are already familiar and the healing and rehabilitation begins.

Best of all, prehab is appropriate for all fitness levels, so anyone can participate.